Titan VSp-4

Simple and reliable baling machine for pressing into the plastic bags. It is a clean and hygienic solution for the disposal of various wastes. The bag is applied on a cylindrical pressing chamber so therefore no damage during the pressing process is done. After pressing of about 5:1 the bag can be removed and laced. This allows hygienic storage of pressed waste especially in catering establishments, small shops and hospitals. This balling machine is also excellent for reducing the volume of production waste such as foams, polystyrene foams, cotton or shredded waste. It also allows squeezing the excess liquid from the wet waste.

The advantages of this machine are:
- very simple operation,
- silent work,
- a modern electro-hydraulic drive,
- high degree of safety,
- robust construction.

Technical Data:
Type VSp-4
Pressing force (t) 4
Motor (V/KW) 400/1,1
Weight (kg) ok 300
External dimensions L/ W/ H (cm) 117x80x196
Pressing plate diameter (cm) 50
Height during bag replacement (cm) 255 (option 225)