Titan VS-6, VS-6/2, VS-6/3, VS-6/4

Small balling machine Titan VS-5 fully solves the problem of small amounts of loose and bulky waste. You can combine several containers, thanks to that the segregation of different types of waste is easy. One pressing head is manually moved from the one container to the next container. With no effort this baling machine presses cardboards, paper, plastic bags, crates, small metal cans, textile waste etc. - all in the form of easy-to-place bales. The waste volume can be reduced even tenfold, which significantly decreases storage and transport costs.

The main advantages of our Titan machine:
- quiet and reliable electro-hydraulic drive,
- very simple and easy to use,
- durable construction,
- very cheap exploitation,
- possibility of combining several containers for waste sorting.

Technical Data:
Type VS-6 VS-6/2 VS-6/3 VS-6/4
Number of containers 1 2 3 4
Pressing force [t] 6 6 6 6
Motor [V/KW] 400/ 1,5 400/ 1,5 400/ 1,5 400/ 1,5
Pressing time [s] 25 25 25 25
Inlet [cm] 70x55 70x55 70x55 70x55
Chamber size [cm] 70x55x90 70x55x85 70x55x85 70x55x85
Bale size [cm] 70x55x50 70x55x50 70x55x50 70x55x50
Bale weight [kg] 40-90 40-90 40-90 40-90
Performance [Bale/h] 3-6 4-8 4-8 4-8
Manual tying 2 belts 2 belts 2 belts 2 belts
Dimensions[cm] 95x115x195 180x90x195 290x90x195 380x90x195
Weight [kg] 430 550 670 790