Titan HGT-25, HGT-52, HGT-68

HGT series are fully automatic baling machines with self-control option for pressing cans, barrels, wires, nuts, waste from pressure ingots or metal sheets etc. Large pressure forces allow connection of the pressing components so that there is no need for binding bales with a wire. Pressed bales are very stable - that allows their high storage. A photocell is installed inside the hopper which allows automatic operation of the machine (photocell works as long as there is a material in the hopper) and if the loading conveyor is connected, the photocell also controls loading of the baling machine. Pressing piston operates in two cycles: preliminary and basic. Thanks to this solution the effectiveness of crushing doubles.

The main advantages of our Titan machine:
- automatic work cycle,
- thick and robust steel construction,
- a modern electro-hydraulic drive,
- silent work,
- simple operation.

Technical Data:
Type 25 52 68
Pressing force [t] 25 52 68
Motor 400V [KW] 7,5 18,5 22
Inlet [cm] 60x32 42x80 42x80
Bale size L x W x H [cm] 74x40x20 45x45x20-30 45x45x20-50
Theoretical performance [m3/h] 6 16 20
Performance (steel cans) [t/h] 0,2-0,3 1,5-2 1,7-2,2