Titan KSP-15

This system is designed to break and compress in a container, especially bulky wood waste and plastics, such as crates, pallets etc. and other types of municipal and industrial waste. Sealing prevents leakage of residual fluids and odors. Durable, robust construction and high quality drive ensure long and trouble-free operation. For the worm pressing system can be used different capacities containers: 28, 30, 32m3. All containers are adapted to the common loading systems of transport vehicles.

The main advantages of this solution are:
- the possibility of putting non-folded cartons, wooden pallets and boxes which will be shredded or broken and compressed in a container;
- high degree of filling, thanks to the worm rotatory force;
- high capacity - thanks to worm continuous work;
- quiet machine operation.


Technical Data
Titan KSP station 15
Motor [KW] 15
Worm rotations [obr/min] 16
Fuse [A] 50
Inlet [cm] 150 x 150
Slots front edge [cm]
Worm diameter [cm] 80/60
Dimensions without a funnel L x W x H [cm] 177 x 166 x 130
Weight [kg] 2120
Noise level [dB] 68
Titan KS containers 28 30 32
Capacity [m3] 28 30 32