ROTOKI automatic lines for producing briquette with 6 cm diameter

ROTOKI automatic lines consist of one or more KRBS briquetting machines, transporters and the extended versions consist of machines and devices preparing the waste for briquetting. The purpose of this line work is the management of production waste for re-use or – if it’s impossible - for economic disposal. The functioning is based on material shredding, soaking and briquetting. Thanks to well thought construction dusting has been eliminated with usage of only small amount of water. In these lines you can process cartons with a volume of 1 m3, small cuttings with paper dust and even binders full of documents.

Types of briquetting materials:
- group of materials for re-processing: paper, cardboard, textiles and some plastics.
- group of materials for eventual incineration: paper, cardboard, textiles, tobacco, coffee, other which are not suitable for re-processing and does not emit toxic substances. Energy value of 3 kg paper briquette is equal to the value of 1 liter of oil.
- group of materials for landfill or storage: all materials mentioned above which cannot be re-processed or emit toxins while burning e.g. waste such as saturated cardboard and tobacco, deep processed materials or contaminated paper etc.

Technical Data
ROTOKI type 1 2
Briketor KRBS [szt.] 1 2
Power consumption [kW/V] 15/400 29/400
Performance [kg/h] Up to 200 Up to 400
Occupiedsurface [m2] 13 28
Capacity [m3] 29 62
Briquette diameter [cm] 6 6