Inteligent waste managing system ISAO-W

ISAO-W is designed for residential areas, cities, districts, shopping malls, etc. enabling waste management in the most excellent and economical way. The database is created at the administrator (owner).

The system consists of:
- one or more tightly closed containers with a capacity of 8 and 10 m3 (Titan KWKW- 8 and 10) or 28, 30, 32 m3 (Titan KWSW-28, 30, 32). Each container consists of a station and a container that can be joined together permanently or disjoint,
- waste hydraulic pressing system built into the container reducing the waste volume 10 times,
- special drum scale built into the container including its control system, enabling weighing of the thrown waste,
- electronic system enabling to: control the container and scale service, record the individual actions, control card reader and the display, sending text messages,
- Software compatible with Windows to operate the PC controller.

Example functioning of the system on a residential area:
- the most acceptable is to build in the neighborhood the so-called "green islands" with for example five containers Titan KWSW or KWKW, separately for paper, glass, PET, various plastics and others,
- estate administrator thanks to the PC, software and attachment encodes and delivers magnetic cards separately for each family or family member. The card contains encoded and agreed waste limit (in kg), which you can operate using all the containers,
- the owner of the card along with a waste bag is going to the "green island". He puts the card into the reader of the selected container, which automatically opens scale flap and after throwing the waste bag flap is closing. The bag is automatically weighed, pressed and moved to the container. For the control - the display shows the weight of the waste bag. This value is stored on the hard disk and subtracted from the magnetic card limit. After the operation reader gives the card back automatically,
- once in a while (ex.1-6 months) the administrator reads the data from the container hard disk and put them on a PC which allows to make invoices for cardholders automatically. After payment the administrator, if necessary, supplements the limits on the owners magnetic cards.
- in case of filling up one of the containers it can automatically notify the carrier about it by sending a text message, and he will have up to two weeks time to plan his emptying without fear of clogging up the container. The frequency of emptying is one every 1-3 months.

System benefits:
- thanks to the containers special construction it is possible to build on a very high level so-called "green islands" for waste. Disposed waste is not visible, there is no "smell" and waste soaking. Possibility of integrating it in any way with the greenery. Thanks to this "green island" may be build next to the apartments and be a decoration rather than repellent,
- the maximum transport economics. Thanks to waste compacting and possibility of transport planning these costs fall 6-12 times,
- containers construction increases their durability several times in comparison to the traditional containers,
- thanks to the scale and software every card holder pays for the waste he actually disposed. The administrator can fully control the sales of waste and even provide discounts. He can also create a list and full report of waste trade over any period of time,
- by maintaining high purity of the waste and their full, deeper segregation you can get a higher price for them.

ISAO is the most modern and perfect system in the world of waste management.