Central System for Documents Shredding in Office Buldings type CSND kr


- yearly average five-person office in Poland produces 460 kg of paper documents and their waste, and a hundred-office building produce 50 tones,
- all documents should be destroyed immediately in an effective way when no longer needed, so nobody can read them,

- a large number of documents shredded in the traditional small shredders equals higher costs of their purchase and exploitation, three times the weight volume, more cleaning staff and higher costs of transport. THAT IS Unless you throw the documents into the central chute, they will be then shredded by one shredder and the waste volume will be reduced,

- nowadays tenants want to have offices that are comfortable, convenient and will protect their knowledge. they import documents to the office by themselves or take them in gladly but when the documents become needless they ought to be rid of efficiently.


- needless documents and paper waste can be thrown into the trash chute placed in your office or on the corridor. This helps to maintain cleanness and information security,

- documents and paper waste when falling into the processing room are slowed down and cleaned without anyone’s access,

- KRBS briquetting machine is a multifunctional briquetting shredder with performance of 250 kg/hr. that can shred and briquette: small tissue paper, folders full of files and even packages of 1m³ volume regardless of form, weight and hardness of papers, cardboards or composites,

- the process of paper information shredding is made in full automatic cycle in an enclosed room without any human participation,

- the waste meant for transport is in a form of round and hard briquette with a diameter of 70 mm that has reduced the original volume repeatedly and NOW is a valuable fuel for stoves or a recyclable waste.




CSND-U kr - is an extended version of chute transport system for additional, selected waste like: plastics, glass, organics, their storage and compacting