Briketor KRP

These machines are meant for non-binder pelleting of the shredded waste with moisture content of 2 to 15% made of plastic, paper, wood, coal, municipal waste, small organic materials, dust, etc. Depending on the matrix pellets can have different diameters from 6 to 18 mm and lengths from 1 to 5 mm and also varying degree of density. They are perfectly suited for dispensing, combustion, transport and storage.
Pelleting chamber – locked with steel doors in which material inlet, pellets outlet and cutting knives (adjusting pellets length) are situated. The doors have a safety switch preventing from unexpected opening.
Press rollers – there are 2 or 3, ribbed or perforated, sealed against moisture and dirt. Their distance from the matrix is hydraulically regulated and, on request, regulation can be made during the machine operation from the control panel.
Matrix – it’s a thick ring made of special harder steel which rotates during the operation. The matrix is double-sided (it can be reversed) which doubles its life. Integrated system for matrix and rollers insertion eases their exchange.
Housing - made of resistant steel. Drive motors were installed on the top of the housing and thanks to that the whole unit takes less space.
Drive– transmitted from the engines through the fan belts up to the main shafts, and from there on a wide toothed belt to the central shaft with the matrix. This drive is very cheap and quiet.
Safety – engines switch off are installed in case of matrix and roller overload. It is possible to install an additional bypass circuit of the pelleting material so that during the overload the material stream is directed outside the machine.
Lubrication - is fully automated with help of pneumatics. Press rollers and main propeller shafts are lubricated.

- Performance and power consumption is determined by well-prepared waste mixed in Swiss standard, i.e. without foreign hard materials, high fragmentation, dry mass 95%, heap weight 150-200kg/m3.
- Standard equipment includes controlling and one pressing set.

Technical data
Type matrix diameter [mm] matrix width [mm] matrix surface [m2] drive x2 [kW] machine size [mm] weight [t] approximate performance [t/h]
length width height
KRP-1 650 170 0,3020 90 2638 1980 1660 7 1
KRP-1,5 850 210 0,5607 110 2915 2360 2040 7,5 1,5
KRP-2 900 228 0,6443 132 3465 2700 2180 8 2
KRP-3 880 250 0,6908 160 3465 2700 2180 10 3
KRP-4 1100 380 1,3125 250 3750 2850 2600 18,5 5