Briketor KRBT

Hydraulic-powered briquetting machines are designed for non-binding briquetting of small waste with moisture content from 2 to 18% like wood chips and material dust such as wood, plastic, metal, paper, composites, etc. They are produced in two variants:
I – on the brand-name manufacturers sub-assemblies and parts such as Bosch, Denison, Siemens manufactured in Western Europe with the piston type hydraulic pump. Container with mixer and dispensing worm is optional,
II – non brand-name manufacturers sub-assemblies and parts with the exception of certain electronic components (such as the Siemens reader) with a toothed hydraulic pumps. Container with mixer and dispensing worm is in standard.

Examples of briquettes:

plastic paper aluminum banknotes


KRBT briquetting machine with container and dispenser Automatic lines Tokiro 2 Automatic lines Tokiro 4

This data are not binding, might change due to technological progress. The pictures relate to the I implementation. This offer has been prepared in accordance with article 17 of the Civil Code.

Technical data 
Type 60/7,5/A 60/11/A
Performance [kg/h] 40-80 60-150
Briquette diameter. [cm] 6 6
Hydraulic power supply [kW] 7,5 11
Container power supply [kW] 1,1+1,1 1,1+1,1
Oil container capacity [L] 180 180
Number of pressing piston cycles [1/min.] 7-10 8-12
Weight [kg] 680 700
Power [V] 400 400
Pressing force [t] 20 30
Container [cm] 130 130