Briketor KRBS

KRBS briquetting machine is used for recycling industrial waste in order to re-use them or – if it’s impossible - for their economical dispose. Its operation involves material shredding and briquetting. Currently briquetting system is the best and most modern way to reduce waste volume. Thanks to well-thought-out construction dusting has been eliminated with usage of only small amount of water. It can process cartons with a volume of 1 m3, tiny cuttings with paper dust and even folders full of documents.

Types of briquetted materials:
- a group of materials for reprocessing: paper, cardboard, textiles and some plastics.
- a group of materials for eventual combustion: paper, cardboard, textiles, tobacco, coffee husks and other which are not suitable for recycling and which do not emit toxic substances. The energy value of 3 kg paper briquette is equal to the value of 1 liter of fuel oil.
- a group of materials intended for landfills or for storage: all materials listed above which cannot be recycled or emit toxins while burning such as: soaked cardboard and tobacco waste, deep refined plastics or contaminated paper etc.

Additional equipment:
- clamp installed in loading funnel. Allows treatment of bulky (cartons) or suspending materials (light materials, fluffy, etc.)
- waste conveyors with or without the container tipper,
- briquettes conveyors,
- briquettes canal,
- waste containers adapted for automatic tipping into the conveyor. These containers may be in protected (closed) or standard (without lock) version.


Technical data
Type KRBS KRBS witch clamp
Funnel size [cm] 61,5x116 76x80
Power consumption 380 V/ 11,5 kW 12 kW
Briquette diameter [mm] 60 60
Performance [kg/h] 25-200 25-200
Water pressure [atm] 3 3
Dimensions [cm] 209x138x191 209x138x219
Weight [kg] 1300 1470