This is a group of cheap, fully professional shredders with a very strong construction. They are designed for shredding plastics, composites, some metal products, wood, fabrics, rubbers, etc. The drum is rotating with a speed of 800 rpm it has 3 or 4 very strong cutting edges with 6 or 8 angled blades. They are made of special hard and wear-resistant steel, so they can be repeatedly sharpened. A sieve with freely selected mesh is hanged under the rotor. In standard there are following devices for receiving grains added to the shredder: worm conveyor installed in a shredder, fan, tubes and bagging device and the control panel. Funnel can be customized to individual needs. There is a possibility of making a shredder with a changed parameters on request.


Technical Data
KRRM type 2550 4050 6080
Rotor diameter [cm] 25 40 60
Rotor length [cm] 50 50 80
Shredder inlet [cm] 50x25 40x35 70x50
Performance [kg/h] 30-200 150-800 300-1200
Drive motor power [kW] 7,5 15 35
Shredding degree [cm] 0,6-1,2 0,6-1,2 0,8-2,0
External dimensions [cm] 170x112x167 184x166x228 -
Weight [t] 0,7 1,3 3,5