Machines Synchronized Supervision System SSNM-12KR

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It’s a patented, multifaceted software system: modernization of the service and diagnostics operations unit, consulting, technical documentation and analytical methods - meeting the most demanding needs of the technological lines, providing a completely trouble-free 24-hour operation. Each system is formed according to certain rules for the large multifunctional machines or technological lines.

Mostly it consist of:

1.detailed modernization design;
2. diagnostic card which is characterized by chronologically arranged detailed methodology of:
    - full-size, precise service performance,
    - collecting diagnostic measurements: pressure, temperature, clearance, echo,  vibration, noise, etc.
    - multi-faceted comparative analysis,
    - current controlling;
3. parts and components projects, more suited for transformed materials in order to increase their effectiveness;
4. plan for the replacement and wear-out standards of the strategic, operational and special parts,
5. technical and office multimedia documentation, with full archiving of the operations, which includes inter alia:
    - analytical offers,
    - synchronized orders,
    - strategic parts card,
    - machines cards,
    - resource cards for the modernization, repairs and exploitation materials,
    - settlement documentation,
    - accounting documentation,
    - other documentation depending on the technological lines specifics.
6. consultancy and advanced analytics in the technical and efficiency aspects.

Machines Diagnostic and Service Synchronized Supervision System “ZSNM 12KR” is a unique, constantly modernized andempirically tested complex methodology which fully prevent failures  regardless of lines age, with the highest possible rate of its work efficiency.

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