Diagnostics – Service Center type “CDS-10KR”

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Currently we are working on Diagnostics – Service Center type “CDS-10KR” for semi-automatic operation of machines and technological lines. This Center will consist, depending on the line specific, of the following components and methodologies:
- control box with touch screen,
- sensor groups: pressure, temperature, clearance, echo, vibration, noise, gas and element, etc.
- video, infrared, ultraviolet transmission systems, etc.
- control software with proceeding patterns, service systematics, etc.
- analytical systems,
- automated repair and service robots,
- diagnostic card,
- other components depending on the line specifics.

The task of the DSC is current supervision on loaded technological lines in order to their reliable and efficient operation. Specific version of DSC is often a complement of Machines Diagnostic and Service Synchronized Supervision System “ZSNM 12KR” in cases of overloaded and complicated lines.

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