About us

Kwarcroft was created in 1981 as a company specializing in delivery of machines and equipment for industry.

It’s in 100% Polish company.

From the beginning up to year 1988 our company has specialized in supplies for the processing industry and then we extended our activity by supplying the entire industry with machines specialized in treatment of production waste, both for businesses in Poland and abroad.

Currently we are one of the largest company of this kind in Poland and we are well known in the circles of Mid-East Europe as the manufacturer and machines and parts supplier. Close co-operation, mostly on terms of exclusive supply, with the world's largest machines manufacturers allows very favorable conditions for their delivery to the customer.
Many years of experience gained in processing materials also provide us with comprehensive customer service - from the design of the production line or a machine, through their build up to the warranty and post-warranty service.

We own many national and international certificates for products that we manufacture.

The achievements of our company are very major. The largest recipients are:
Reemtsma, Philip Morris, Optimus, Coca - Cola, Levis, VF Polska, Osdruk, Isover, Fiat, BMW, Maltadecor, Bank Handlowy, City Bank, Bank PKO S.A., PKO BP, Carrefour, Raben, Opel, Lear Polska, Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., Energetyka, Polski Koncern Naftowy, Imperial Tobacco, Lacroix, Globi Polska, BRE Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and other 4921 small recipients (more).

Our products on Mid-East European markets:
Kwarcroft manufactures and delivers to the global markets: technological lines, machines and devices for cutting and pressing various materials. On Mid-East European markets we deliver briquetting and baling machines, press containers, shredders and others under the names of:
technological lines: Beroto, Rotoki, Tokiro, Rafeto, Sarato, Kiroto, Peletra.
machine groups: Briketory, Titany, Bobry, Pantery, Tygrysy etc.

Our specifics:
- we present the widest range of goods in different groups which allows the selection of machines precisely to the needs of each client,
- we have four types of ISO certificates for the production of machines, scientific development, distribution, warranty and post-warranty service,
- we are the inventors, owners of several patents thanks to which our machines have a unique, cutting-edge technology in the world such as:
* prepared production of one of the smallest baling machines made with squeeze method with minimal participation of labour,
* worm crushing system in briquetting machines and press containers,
* strengthening of the pressing chambers in baling machines with resilient fillers made of special steel preventing their deformation during the intense and prolonged use.
* hydraulic flaps of the feed hopper maximizing performance of some baling machines,
* fully automated welding process in some pressing containers,
* special piston guiding system in horizontal baling machines,

- we have developed and implemented our own systems for service, diagnostics and technological lines and machinery supervision such as:
* “Machines Diagnostic and Service Synchronized Supervision System ZSNM 12KR” it’s a patented, multifaceted software system: modernization of the service and diagnostics operations unit, consulting, technical documentation and analytical methods - meeting the most demanding needs, providing a completely trouble-free 24-hour operation,
* “Integrated Supervision System A-V ZINAV-16KR” – it’s a remote Internet and round-the-clock machines supervision system,
* diagnostics – service centers type "CDS-10KR" for semi-automatic operation (more),

- we manufacture machine parts which exceeds the EU standards in practically all parameters, that increases their efficiency several times:
* we have developed a unique technology for refining steel throughout and on surface together with the methodology of using it in individual machines,
* we have developed a methodology for the increased tightening or loosening of the parts in the machine, depending on the characteristics of the processing material,

- we have implemented and continue to modernize our own environmentally-friendly solutions in the manufacture of machines, which in short means:
* replacing highly processed toxic materials with environmentally friendly materials,
* progressive inserting of the newest generation electronic systems into the machines to reduce energy consumption and shorten work time such as: shortening the engine neutral gears, fast reverse piston stroke etc.,
* 96% of our production waste are re-processed (recycled) so they are not a burden to the environment,
* production launch of the new generation machines – pressing containers with built-in weights with electronic settlement.